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Our models promote, display, and advertise commercial products. However users can opt to just use our site as a photo sharing or storage platform.

Any talent has the potential to make you famous. Glam-bae can make you reach the right audience, the right employers and attract the right admirers. 
Glam-bae brings its Models and Model seekers together
creating a platform that saves time, formalities and costs to both parties. Join and start getting promoted on various sites
glam-bae;zimglamor;beyond glamor;modelling
More information about opportunities, styles, types and categories of modelling is listed on the Models and Jobs page 
Design Your Admirers

Stand out, Express yourself, Define your status - Passion comes from art.

Perfection is in the small details. Let pefection define your lifestyle.
Look beautiful and Feel colourful. 
Cuctom made products
Create your own audience, personalize admirers, design glamour.  
Our personel will help you with tips on your favourite style and suggest the most suitable custom styles for you or your planned occassion. 
*For all stock items, we can also change natural straight and straight to any wavy or curl textures that you want, natural straight and straight can also be changed to kinky straight or Italian yaki, it will take 15 days to be finished.